My fellow Americans, learn from Frankenstorm.  It’s time people relearned the lessons that their grandparents, great grandparents, and boy scouts immemorial  already knew: 


Quite frankly if you’re not prepared,  in the end it’s your problem when disaster strikes. Please note  I said when, not if.  For the most part we live in as the Geico Commercial put it, Namby Pamby land.   Consider taking some basic preparations life insurance in it’s most practical form.   We go to the grocery store and assume there will be plenty of food (for those of us who can afford it).  We flick the light switch  and know with absolutely certainty that the lights will turn on.  

Get out of the take it all for granted mentality. 

It could get you killed when things go wrong.

Whether it’s Murphy’s law, my father’s ‘challenge fairy’, or just the occasional OOPS moment, life has a way of surprising us from time to time.  My own perception is that unexpected surprises are on the rise.

Flashlights, batteries, extra food, stored water, and just in case… a means to protect yourself.  These are not terribly expensive items.  If you are relying on FEMA , and local authorities to bail you out when something terrible happens then quite frankly, you’re playing the part of a fool. 

Long term, yes… the flood waters will recede and the damage in NYC will be repaired.   However, I suggest that it’s time for people to focus a bit less on things like the stuporbowl, and a bit more on having some key supplies on hand just in case.

How many former and current  rescue personnel  have come down with all sorts of ailments which appear linked to the World Trade Center disaster in 2001?  Is anyone paying attention to resultingl debate over whether or not the substantial increase in cancers, respiratory illnesses and other problems ,  were caused by inhaling particles of carcinogenic debris?

I’m not saying that you need to go overboard.  I understand why one might question whether  having a 6 month supply of canned and dried food is a wise investment.  On the other hand, there is an awful big difference between two weeks of dried/canned food and 6 months.  How many people out there don’t maintain the  basic necessities on hand to substain themselves and their loved ones for a period of two weeks?

A major storm was coming.  The east coast was warned, and people had time to prepare…. how many residents of NY and NJ are now kicking themselves in the rear for not having filled up their gas tanks before the storm?  How useful would an extra 5 gallons of fuel in the garage have been?

Some things to consider:

Flashlights and batteries 

Battery Powered Camping Lamp 

Some candles ( Only as a backup.  Battery powered lamps should come FIRST…. far safer and easier…. if there’s an emergency there is enough to worry about then having open flames spread out around the house).  Don’t be stupid.

Kitchen Matches, and plenty of them.

A couple good reliable hunting style knives, sharp and sheathed.

(These don’t have to be expensive.  In fact, I happen to have an ’Old Hickory’ butcher knife I put in a shearing sheath which I’ve come to greatly favor.  I’d much rather have that knife, which I can easily sharpen to a sharp edge, then some shiny piece of ’made in Pakistan’  junk.)

A machete or two. (Capable of cutting down a small tree, branches, brush,  and other possibilities)

A stout walking stick (such as the Cold Steel Walkabout, or a thick piece of waxwood)

What’s waxwood?  Use the power of google searching and look it up.

A couple of small, battery powered transistor radios, capable of AM and FM reception

Warm clothes, some bandages, rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, etc… I shouldn’t have to come up with your entire shopping list here, these are not expensive items and my goal is to help change  mindsets, not think for you. 

Your well being is your responsibility.  It’s time to ask yourself:  ”In a time of crisis what things would I need?”



Basic coleman propane stove, and around 6 small tanks of propane






A basic propane torch ignitor which uses a flint (ability to light propane without matches) 




In addition to these items, I would suggest a pump action 20 gauge or 12 gauge shotgun, with enough birdshot and buckshot to protect yourself if absolutely necessary.  Firearms have become a very touchy subject, one that I will not debate here.  I will say that if you’re goal is home defense and strickly home defense, forget the 30 round 9 mm Glock crap so sensationalized by hollywood.  I’ll take the New England Firearms Pardner Protector in 12 gauge thank you very much.  

Why?  Because if things get bad enough you don’t have to go looking for trouble.  Sometimes, in rough times, trouble comes looking for you….

“They’re looting cars all over the place,” Morgan said. “This is New York City. They have to help us.”

Some Rockaways residents who work as firefighters in The Bronx and Manhattan were fuming yesterday — sitting idly in their firehouses while their neighbors and family members miles away struggled to get help.

“We’re all going crazy,” said one firefighter, who asked his name not be used for fear of retribution. “They’re not deploying any extra resources, and we’re just sitting around.”

 At the risk of being a bit harsh, it’s time to call things like I seem them.  Some people might call it all part of the

‘Bulldog experience.’

Well morons, your first mistake was putting all kinds of trust in  Bloomberg to take care of you in the first place.  Oh yeah, I guess you should forget about the shotgun suggestion.  Not necessary.  After all, the mayor has things well in hand.





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