Gun control advocates pointing to the terrible  Sandy Hook tragedy as the poster child event for their cause have made a serious oversight.  Things are alot different now then they were back in 1994, when the initial ‘assault weapons’ ban was put in place.   This Guns and Ammo  article, written back in March, shows how gun owners have come to really embrace the  AR15 rifle over the last couple decades.  I personally don’t like the things,..  they’re  ugly, under powered, and not terribly accurate.
My own opinions however, are irrelevant.  For better or worse, the AR15 style of rifle has become the preferred choice for a large number of gun owners.  It’s now the home defense and target shooting rifle of choice.  Since apparently the rifle has also become the ‘poster child’  target of the Brady campaign and like mindsets, firearm enthusiasts view attempts to restrict it as almost  an attack on the second amendment itself.
Fundamental differences in political opinion have the potential to get really ugly this time around.

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