The shooter is being described as an adult male in his early twenties, dressed in black tactical gear at the time of the attack.  Connecticut state police believe the shooter primarily targeted one particular classroom and “had ties to the school.”

BulldogPI’s current hypothesis is that we’re dealing with a disgruntled employee type situation.    There is also some sort of a ‘New Jersey’ connection as the parent of the young man was found dead at their home prior to this tragedy……


 Update:  24 year old Ryan Lanza identified as the shooter


The media has begun spreading this facebook image as the likely shooter.


Ordinarily I would tend to agree.  However, either someone ‘borrowed’ the s facebook account in question (just before it was shut down).  As the shooter is now deceased according to police reports, either the wrong Ryan Lanza is being identified or someone is busily muddying the waters.  (See below:)



Is the media focused on the wrong guy?   Who’s at facial comparisons?   Are these two people the same individual?

“Why do you ask Bulldog?”  Because the individual on the right posted a rather interesting ‘tweet’ this morning:

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