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Early media reports have it wrong? Now the shooter is Adam Lanza

The plot thickens………..

A law enforcement official says the suspect in the Connecticut school shootings is 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the son of a teacher at the school where the shootings occurred. A second law enforcement official says the boy’s mother, Nancy Lanza, is presumed dead.

The first official says Adam Lanza’s older brother, 24-year-old Ryan, of Hoboken, N.J., is being questioned by police. An earlier report from a law enforcement official mistakenly transposed the brothers’ first names.

So apparently we have a conspiracy here?  Both brothers were in on the school shootings?  Additionally, their father was found dead  in New Jersey prior to the tragic turn of events at Sandy Hook Elementary.
I’m also interested to find out what happened with Ryan Lanza’s facebook and twitter accounts… the last minute “you’ve got the wrong guy” entries on both accounts before they disappeared.
Now BulldogPI has a question for his readership.
The Ryan Lanza I’m focused on had a friend named Molly Blake he twittered back and forth with frequently.  The young woman’s account has now disappeared from Twitter (along with Ryan Lanza’s).  Who is she and what insights might she provide?
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Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre: 27 Dead

Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre:  27 Dead

The shooter is being described as an adult male in his early twenties, dressed in black tactical gear at the time of the attack.  Connecticut state police believe the shooter primarily targeted one particular classroom and “had ties to the school.”

BulldogPI’s current hypothesis is that we’re dealing with a disgruntled employee type situation.    There is also some sort of a ‘New Jersey’ connection as the parent of the young man was found dead at their home prior to this tragedy……


 Update:  24 year old Ryan Lanza identified as the shooter


The media has begun spreading this facebook image as the likely shooter.


Ordinarily I would tend to agree.  However, either someone ‘borrowed’ the s facebook account in question (just before it was shut down).  As the shooter is now deceased according to police reports, either the wrong Ryan Lanza is being identified or someone is busily muddying the waters.  (See below:)



Is the media focused on the wrong guy?   Who’s at facial comparisons?   Are these two people the same individual?

“Why do you ask Bulldog?”  Because the individual on the right posted a rather interesting ‘tweet’ this morning:

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Several people shot at Christiansburg Virginia Mall

Several people shot at Christiansburg Virginia Mall

Update  5:00 PM:


The alleged shooter taken into custody  is  one Neil MacInnis (age 18), from Christiansburg Virginia.  Click the thumbnails of the attached images to view them.  (Warning:  Contains Graphic Language)




and his apparent Resume:

Neil MacInnis Resume



A source wishing to be anonymous has confirmed to me that the shooting does involve the New River Valley Community College satellite branch which is contained within the mall.   Another source just called to let me know that all the store managers are being called in to an emergency meeting to discuss the situation and that ‘the mall will be closed until further notice.’


Story is still unfolding, here’s what we know:

1. Police have a young white male between the ages of 18 and 25 in custody.  This individual was reportedly observed handcuffed and shackled by mall employees while the mall was evacuated.


2. There are multiple victims, including two women.  One woman was apparently airlifted to Roanoke Memorial Hospital.  A hearse was also reportedly on the scene


3. Mall property is under lockdown.  Mall employees are being interviewed and being allowed to leave the property.


4. According to witnesses, the response by law enforcement was “massive.”    Possibly the largest response by local law enforcement to any incident since the Virginia Tech shooting back in 2007.   Police entered the stores within the mall itself with AR15 assault rifles at the ready and instructed the employees to lock the doors and take cover in back rooms.


Additional information:

The mall has no security cameras in the main hallways or outside the entrances.  Allied Barton Security services  provides unarmed security to the New River Valley Mall, currently owned by Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust (PREIT).  Security at the mall is strictly unarmed (observe and report) security.

There has been a number of complaints in the past regarding mall security and their inability to respond to incidents and shoplifting.   Out of fairness , I should mention the Christiansburg mall security officers are quite limited in their ability to respond per the terms of Allied Barton’s contract with PREIT mall management.  As ‘observe and report’ security they lack the legal capacity to arrest, and in the past have even been instructed by mall management not to follow suspected shoplifters into the parking lots or attempt to obtain license plate information.

Thankfully during this particular incident, one of the mall’s security officer’s had the presence of mind to take action and subdue the shooter, a very gutsy move.  The mainstream media has released no detail regarding to which officer took action.  I have a very strong suspicion but will respect his desires for privacy.  He remains an anonymous hero at the present time.

A confidential source at the mall has informed me that in addition to Christiansburg police, multiple law enforcement agencies throughout the New River Valley rushed to assist.   Police responders included officers from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia State Police, and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s department.  A lone while male suspect, between the ages of 18 and 25 was observed under arrest and in shackles.

Police Officers have been observed entering stores carrying AR15 assault rifles.  The mall property and parking lots are currently being evacuated.

As one would expect, numerous situations have happened on mall property over the years where security cameras would be beneficial to both mall security as well as responding law enforcement.   A number of store managers have made formal requests of PREIT  for increasing mall security as well as security cameras on the premises for the past few years.   Their pleas have apparently fallen on deaf ears as no such cameras or improvements to security have occurred.

I distinctly remember Christiansburg Police department installing a small satellite office in the malls food court a couple of years ago.  That satellite office has since been removed from the food court (Why?).  If nothing else, the presence of the satellite office in the mall was a great deterrent to tragedies such as what occurred today.



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UAV’s can save lives: Search and Rescue applications

An email  I recently sent to a  fellow AUVSI member:

I believe that AUVSI needs to make a much stronger effort to stave off the public’s negative impression of ‘drones’ by supporting humanitarian forts (such as search and rescue organizations).  Correct me if I’m wrong, but wouldn’t that also skirt around the FAA’s restriction on commercial purposes?   I’m not seeking sponsorship through your company specifically, but through  AUVSI the association.  Releasing these ‘codes of conduct’ where AUVSI makes an effort to reassure the public that their members respect the public’s rights to privacy strikes me as rather hypocritical.

After all, the primary target market for unmanned aerial vehicles has to this point been for law enforcement surveillance purposes.  I’d leave the loss of privacy issue alone, and instead SHOW the public how ‘drones’ can be beneficial in humanitarian efforts, rather then to make reassuring press releases.
I recently was approached by a  support of a volunteer organization seeking the assistance of private investigators to assist in locating missing children.  We discussed’ the potential benefits of  ‘an eye in the sky’ at length, especially in rural area/wilderness area scenarios.  Quick response is crucial in dealing with these scenarios.  Expense, availability issues, and red tape can delay deployment of a police helicopter approach right when it would prove the most valuable.
In addition to being such a worthy cause, the rescue of lost or abducted children, the public relations aspect has such tremendous potential!    The Virginia moratorium was as a result of pressure on the Virginia legislature by their constituents to prevent ‘big brother’ from stealing away their privacy.  The only way to fight this PR war is to develop a more positive image of these technologies with John Q. Public.
Just a bit of brainstorming.  What are your thoughts?
I respect your opinions.  Please just level with me.

James Pollock Bulldog Investigations (540)922-3896

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Neither side will budge on the ‘Assault Weapon’ debate

Gun control advocates pointing to the terrible  Sandy Hook tragedy as the poster child event for their cause have made a serious oversight.  Things are alot different now then they were back in 1994, when the initial ‘assault weapons’ ban was put in place.   This Guns and Ammo  article, written back in March, shows how gun owners have come to really embrace the  AR15 rifle over the last couple decades.  I personally don’t like the things,..  they’re  ugly, under powered, and not terribly accurate.
My own opinions however, are irrelevant.  For better or worse, the AR15 style of rifle has become the preferred choice for a large number of gun owners.  It’s now the home defense and target shooting rifle of choice.  Since apparently the rifle has also become the ‘poster child’  target of the Brady campaign and like mindsets, firearm enthusiasts view attempts to restrict it as almost  an attack on the second amendment itself.
Fundamental differences in political opinion have the potential to get really ugly this time around.
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