“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Signs a partner is cheating can often be subtle and easy to miss. While catching them with their lover or finding lipstick on their collar are obvious signs of indiscretion, it’s the subtle signs that often give away their infidelity long before obvious signs are necessary. Here are 13 signs of cheating that are easy to miss.

1. Changes in clothing – New or different clothes, a new style and dressing up more than usual are all possible signs of cheating.

2. Lack of intimacy – A once hot and heavy romance turning cold is a sign that your partner might be getting their needs met elsewhere.

3. Hiding their phone from you – Hiding their phone or hiding things in their phone from you is a strong sign of cheating, especially if they were previously an open book.

4. Suddenly nervous or angry around you – If their demeanor has changed and they always seem jumpy, anxious or upset, it could be a sign of a guilty conscience.

5. Sudden and unexplained changes in schedule – Most couples know each other’s schedules well. Sudden changes in your partner’s schedule, especially without offering any explanation is a subtle sign of infidelity.

6. Sudden change in their interests and hobbies – If they used to watch football all day on Sunday and suddenly take up golfing on Sundays instead, this could be a sign of cheating.

7. Paying more attention to their appearance – If they’re suddenly paying more attention to their appearance such as haircuts, shaving, cologne and other forms of personal care, they might be unfaithful.

8. Their friends are acting strange or distant – Friends often can tell when someone is cheating, even if they don’t know for sure. This can cause them to feel uncomfortable around you and result in them acting distant or behaving strangely with you.

9. Always want to know where you are – Especially if this tab keeping on your whereabouts is new or has increased without explanation, they might be cheating. By knowing where you are at all times, they can feel more secure about carrying out their cheating without being caught.

10. Significant change in the amount of sex in the relationship – If there is a change in the amount of sex in the relationship that is significant, whether more or less, it could be a sign of cheating.

11. Avoiding contact – Going to bed early or late or avoiding physical contact with you is a subtle sign of infidelity. If they used to sit right next to you and now choose to sit farther away, they are likely avoiding physical contact.

12. Expenses, bills or spending that is unexplained – Changes in expenses, increased credit card bills and changes in spending habits that they won’t or can’t explain is another subtle sign of cheating.

13. Acting hostile toward you or the relationship – If your partner seems constantly annoyed with you or short tempered and hostile, it is possible this could be a sign of infidelity.

While by themselves, any one of these signs could seem innocent enough, when multiple subtle signs of cheating begin to add up, it’s time to ask some hard questions. Cheating is a destructive and hurtful behavior whether the signs are big and obvious or more subtle and easy to miss. No matter what the signs are that you’re seeing, you deserve to know the truth. Call Bulldog PI and we can help get the answers you need.