“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

In many cases of infidelity, the signs are subtle and easy to overlook. Any one sign by itself might not mean much but when several of them show up, it’s time to examine more deeply whether your partner might be being unfaithful. Are you overlooking these signs of infidelity?

1. Nervous body language – When you’re having a serious conversation, does your partner display nervous body language that wasn’t present before? Things like fidgeting and rocking back and forth can indicate nervousness. Cheaters often display nervous body language during serious discussions with their partner.

2. Change in underwear – If your significant other is suddenly sporting fancier underwear than is typical, that could be a warning sign of infidelity. While buying new underwear is normal, major changes to style, material, type and fit are worth a closer look.

3. Avoiding major joint purchases – Is your partner avoiding major joint purchases like a car or a house? Especially if you’ve made such joint purchases before, this could be a sign of cheating. Having large financial obligations in both of your names makes it more difficult to leave the relationship quickly.

4. Receiving an unusual number of gifts – If your significant other is suddenly showering you with gifts, this is a sign to be cautious of. Cheaters often resort to more frequent gift giving to alleviate guilt and to cover up for any potential suspicion.

5. They begin to overshare – Liars tend to talk too much. If your partner is suddenly oversharing mundane details about minor instances or events, it’s time to look at their other behaviors more closely. Oversharing mundane details helps them relieve the pressure caused by the secret they harbor about their cheating.

6. Or they stop talking much at all – If they don’t overshare, are they suddenly very sparse in details and under-sharing when compared to previous behavior? Are short one- and two-word answers becoming the norm when that wasn’t previously the case? In some instances, cheaters will actually talk less to avoid accidentally saying anything that will tip you off to their infidelity.

7. Sudden change in hobbies or interests – If your partner displays a sudden interest in hobbies they previously had no interest in, it could be a sign of cheating. When we meet someone new that excites us, we go through a period of aligning ourselves with their likes and dislikes. This can result in an outward change in their hobbies and interests.

8. They’re using cash more – Credit and debit cards can be tracked. Cash cannot. If your partner is suddenly using cash over credit/debit cards, it could be a sign of cheating. Using cash allows them to spend without having to account for the purchase on a monthly statement.

Are you overlooking these signs of infidelity? The signs of a cheater can often be subtle and easy to overlook. Any one of these signs of infidelity can be easily explained but when you notice several of them, it’s time to question the faithfulness of your partner. If you suspect your partner is cheating, call Bulldog PI. We can help you get the proof you need and the truth you deserve.