“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Your reputation as an employer is more important than ever. The competitive job market means potential employees are more selective about the employers they want to work for. It also increases the incidence of potential employees overstating their experience or qualifications to better compete with other job seekers. A comprehensive background check should be a critical part of your hiring decision.

A Background Check Confirms Past Experience and Credentials

A background check can review the candidate’s previous experience, education, credentials and certifications. This verifies the candidate has the qualifications necessary to do the job but also helps uncover any inconsistencies or pumped up information they’ve provided.

A Background Check Reduces Risk of Workplace Theft

Unfortunately, most workplace theft happens within an organization. A background check can help uncover any potential red flags of workplace theft in a candidate’s history. By eliminating candidates with potential theft incidents in their work history, the employer reduces risk of workplace left.

A Background Check Helps Ensure Safety of Everyone Involved with Your Business

Employers carry a responsibility to ensure the safety of all of their employees, clients, vendors and visitors – essentially, anyone involved with your business. A background check not only weeds out potential employees that have been less than honest about their experience or credentials, but it also exposes any criminal or violent incidents in a candidate’s past. In fact, failing to do a comprehensive background check puts the employer at risk for claims of negligent hiring if they hire someone who compromises the safety of the workplace or harms someone.

A Background Check Preserves Employer Reputation

The employers with the best reputations can attract top talent. Performing background checks catches red flags and helps employers avoid bad hires to preserve their reputation – both with clients and potential employees.

Performing a background check on potential employees protects your business and helps you make the best hiring decisions possible. Bulldog PI offers comprehensive background checks to make sure you have all of the information about any potential new employee you’re considering.