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Custody of child document


Child Custody cases are the most complex of domestic investigations. Everyone entering the courtroom has their own story filled with unsupported allegations. Judges become numb to unsupported allegations and will not entertain them without proof. Any success that you will have in the courtroom will directly hinge on the proof or evidence that you produce. Unfortunately most individuals have no idea what is good proof and how much is needed. In greater than 80% of divorces will involve a Child Custody legal battle and those legal disputes can take a long time to resolve. Due to the fact that there is so much at stake, that being the custody of children, the judges need to be very certain that they are making the correct decision in regards to custody of the children. These investigations take time and they do not happen overnight; patience is absolutely essentially when building a Child Custody case. Without “concrete” proof you could jeopardize losing Primary Custody or in some cases even visitation.

Judges, like everyone, make mistakes too and sometimes those mistakes can be when deciding Child Custody. Sometimes Judges award Primary Custody to one parent who might not necessarily be the best custodian for the child. Often after a divorce some individuals begin engaging in immature and irresponsible behaviors and activities some of which might be reckless, damaging, dangerous, or even illegal; however proving it is another story. Bulldog PI, LLC can assist you via documenting the new lifestyle that your ex is living; it is this lifestyle that will aid you at proving to the court, via video, that you are better suited to have custody. Without the physical evidence/proof the courts simply will not take your word for it and custody will likely remain unchanged.

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