“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

When deciding whether a PI can help you, it’s helpful to know what kinds of cases PIs handle in Asheville, NC. Typical cases could include everything from background checks to cheating partners to locating missing persons. Here are the common cases PIs handle:

Background Checks

The most basic kind of case a PI handles is a background check. Reasons for a background check include employment, housing, security clearance and checking out the background of a romantic partner. Backgrounds checks often include any criminal history, credit information, address history, professional background and social acquaintances and connections.


Another fairly common type of case a PI would handle is surveillance. Surveillance involves following, documenting and recording the activities of a particular person or people. Surveillance cases can include corporate fraud, insurance companies, civil investigations, infidelity, personal injury and worker’s compensation. The footage and documentation from surveillance cases is often handed over to a court or lawyer and the investigator can serve as a witness as well.

Infidelity Investigations

Infidelity investigations are when a partner suspects their significant other of cheating. Surveillance is often used in these cases as unless the person sees the cheating behaviors with their own eyes, it can be hard to believe their own suspicions. Infidelity investigations also come into play in divorce cases and custody battles.

Family Law Investigations

Family law investigations mainly involve divorce cases and child custody cases. In divorce cases, the investigation can involve uncovering hidden assets, documenting infidelity and supporting grounds for spousal support (or refusing/terminating spousal support). For custody cases, the PI is often documenting the life and lifestyle of one or both parents. This includes how they care for the child, who they associate with and any substance abuse issues.

Other Investigations

Other investigations include mystery shops, employee theft, corporate espionage, insurance fraud, missing persons, skip tracing, locating adopted relatives or finding long lost relatives.

There are many different types of cases PIs can handle, from a simple background checks to custody cases to fraud cases. Did you know? Bulldog PI’s services are now available in Asheville, NC. When you need the truth, we get you the answers you deserve.