“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

A criminal investigator is a professional private investigator that focuses on criminal cases or situations. A criminal investigator finds, collects and compiles evidence of a crime for a case or other purpose. If sufficient evidence of a crime is gathered and a suspect identified, then an arrest can be made by law enforcement. A criminal investigator is not a member of law enforcement but rather a professional investigator hired by individuals, companies or law firms.


Reasons Why People Hire Criminal Investigators

There are a number of reasons why people turn to criminal investigators rather than simply relying on law enforcement. Here are just a few of those reasons.
1. Unsatisfied with the investigation performed by law enforcement.
2. Law enforcement doesn’t have the resources to properly investigate the case.
3. Law enforcement’s investigation yields few or no results.
4. Gather evidence for a criminal defense.
5. Collect evidence for a criminal prosecution.
6. Find and interview other witnesses to a crime not interviewed by law enforcement.
7. Obtain surveillance or records necessary to prove a crime has taken place.


Types of Criminal Investigation Cases

Criminal investigators work on a number of different types of cases. Criminal investigations cases include fraud investigations, homicide investigations, kidnapping investigations, assault investigations, theft investigations, criminal defense investigations and crime scene investigations, to name just a few. Criminal investigations cases can include surveillance, records searches, witness interviews, document searches, background checks, crime scene photography and crime scene evaluation.


Benefits of Hiring a Criminal Investigator

There are many benefits to hiring a criminal investigator to look at your case or situation. A few of these benefits include:
1. Criminal investigators are not limited by jurisdiction.
2. Criminal investigators work within the law to find evidence that will be admissible in court.
3. Law enforcement often lacks the resources to fully investigate some cases/can be busy with other cases.
4. Criminal investigators can gather evidence of wrongful conviction or accusation, which law enforcement generally does not do.
5. A criminal investigator is exclusively dedicated to your case and can often achieve better results due to the enhanced focus on your specific case.

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