“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The purpose of a child custody investigation is to objectively examine the child’s welfare and treatment while with one parent (or both, when ordered by a court). A PI not only gathers evidence but can also be called as an impartial witness during a court case. Let’s take a look at what a PI does during a child custody investigation to help you answer whether you need a PI for your child custody case.


An investigator can legally perform surveillance of the parent in question both when they are with the child and when they are not and record or photograph any evidence that occurs during their surveillance. They can document any instances of neglect or abuse. They can document any dangerous behavior such as reckless driving, drug use, alcohol abuse or criminal activity. They might also document any evidence that the parent is not providing safe housing, food or other necessities.

Interview Witnesses

A PI can interview witnesses who are involved in the child’s life including aunts, uncles, other family members, teachers, counselors, neighbors and friends of the parents. These interviews can be entered as evidence in the court case.

Background Checks

A private investigator can run background checks on both parents and any known associates of the parents to ensure the child is not being exposed to people who might be dangerous or should not be around children, such as criminals with violent histories or registered sex offenders. This helps ensure everyone a parent is bringing into a child’s life is not a danger to the health or well-being of the child.

Asset Search

Parents often hide assets or money in child custody cases. A PI can do a discovery on all of their assets to ensure the parent isn’t hiding assets or money that should be considered when assessing the financial obligations to the child.

Why Hire a PI for Your Child Custody Case?

A PI can uncover a lot of information about the people in the child’s life and a lot of information about the parent or parents. Even more importantly, the PI is impartial and looking out only for the best interests of the child, no matter who hires them. This means the PI can testify in court as an impartial witness and explain the evidence they have collected. They also know how to legally collect evidence so that it can be used by the court and doesn’t get thrown out like evidence from one parent against the other would likely be thrown out. By looking out for the best interests of the child, you can be confident when you hire a PI for your child custody case.