“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Child custody cases are often difficult and contentious. Damaging accusations can be made but rarely is there proof of the issues one parent has with the other. That’s where a private investigator comes in. Private investigators can be valuable assets to child custody cases where one parent is concerned about the care of the child and conduct around the child by the other parent. So, how does a PI help with a child custody case?

Gather Evidence

A PI can gather evidence including video and photos of the other parent in public with the child. They can document how the parent treats and cares for the child while in public, particularly during scheduled visits. They can also document any drug or alcohol use of the parent whether in the presence of the child or when the child is away. They document who the parent allows the child to be around and can gather evidence about these people including babysitters, friends, neighbors and other people the child is exposed to while with that parent.

Background Checks

A PI can run background checks on everyone the parent allows to be in the child’s life including friends, neighbors, babysitters, known associates, family members, tutors, parents of the child’s friends and so on.

Witness Interviews

A PI can conduct witness interviews for anyone who has witnessed the parent’s interaction with the child or caretaking of the child. This could include teachers, coaches, babysitters, friends, neighbors, family members, parents of friends and other individuals. They can also interview the parent’s friends about the parent’s use of alcohol and drugs both while with the child and while the child is away.


Search for Assets

Child support can be an especially touchy subject during a custody battle. Child support is usually based on the parent’s income and assets. Some parents seek to hide assets to appear to have less financial support available for the child. PIs can perform asset searches to uncover any assets the parent might be hiding in order to lessen their financial obligation to the child.


On top of all of this evidence and detail a PI can gather, they can also serve as an independent third party witness in court. They know how to gather evidence so that it is fully admissible in court and “counts” to the judge. They can also testify as to things they personally witnessed during the course of their investigation. If you are dealing with a child custody case and have concerns about the care and safety provided by the other parent, Bulldog PI can help.