“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Everyone lies sometimes whether it’s to spare someone’s feelings or to get out of a tricky situation. Even little white lies can add up into very big lies in a relationship of any kind. Here are some of the signs you’re being lied to.

1. They repeat back any questions you ask them. This buys them time to think of their lie.

2. They give you too much detail to make it seem like they’re telling the truth.

3. They tell you often that they’re telling you the truth. Vowing their truthfulness is actually a sign of a lie.

4. Their eye contact changes in some way. They might look away, shift their gaze around or even blink faster or slower than usual.

5. The pitch of their voice goes up. Studies have found that many people use a higher pitched voice when telling a lie.

6. They get defensive and worked up or indignant about the situation or issue at hand.

7. They have unnecessary pauses or hesitations when talking. They’re buying themselves time to think.

8. They fidget or touch their face a lot. This is an unconscious reaction to lying.

9. They clear their throat a lot. This is also a way of buying time but is also a physical manifestation of the difficulty of speaking the lie.

10. Their words and expressions don’t match. For example, they might nod yes while saying “no”.

11. They sound rehearsed, which means they have likely practiced their lie several times in an attempt to be convincing.

12. They don’t speak in full sentences. This is another subtle sign of deception.

13. They answer your questions with questions. This is a common diversion tactic meant to divert you from the answer you seek.

14. They try to change the subject. This is another diversion tactic meant to take the pressure and focus off of them.

15. They move their mouth or jaw around a lot. Moving their jaw back and forth and pressing their lips together are signs of deception.

While it’s true that everyone lies sometimes, it should not be a common feature in any relationship. No one likes to be deceived, especially on important matters such as faithfulness and cheating behaviors. If you suspect your partner is lying and you need the truth, call Bulldog PI and we’ll get you the truth you deserve to know.