“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The verdict may be perpetually out on the adage “once a cheater, always a cheater”, however, there are some fairly common mistakes cheaters make that nearly always reveal their adulterous ways.

– They believe they won’t get caught.
– They are less intimate with their partner, often making excuses that don’t make sense to avoid intimacy.
– Their communication patterns with their partner change – usually decreasing amount and depth of communication over time.
– Their behavior changes to eliminate transparency or their partner’s access to their cell phone, computer and credit card bills.
– They have sudden or unusual changes in work schedule or number of hours spent at work per week.
– They come home wearing different clothing, often with a variety of excuses at the ready when confronted about their attire.
– They come home with unusual scents on their clothing, skin or hair such as unfamiliar perfumes/colognes or cigarettes (if they don’t smoke).
– They forget or overlook notes, phone numbers or suspicious receipts in pockets, purses or wallets.
– They allow others to scratch, bite or leave other visible marks on their skin.
– They are unreachable for unusual periods of time, without explanation.
– They take up new hobbies or activities they previously had no interest in and exclude their partner.

The extent a cheater displays the behaviors on our list can range from subtle to completely obvious, depending on their personality. Most cheaters won’t make every mistake on this list, but they tend to make several of them that together, indicate infidelity. If you suspect your significant other is not being faithful, watching for these common mistakes a cheater makes will help you determine if your suspicions are valid.  Bulldog PI can help.