“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

If you’ve never listened to a podcast or an investigation-themed podcast, you’re in for a treat. Podcasts are wildly popular downloadable audio series on all kinds of topics. Millions of people tune in regularly to follow the hosts and their latest stories. We’re going to explore podcasts that focus on investigative topics. Here are a few of our favorites for you to enjoy!

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – This podcast is a re-airing of a fictional series from old time radio (1949 to 1962) about a PI named Johnny Dollar. If you love old time radio, you’ll love this series of stories.

Intermountain PI Podcast – In this podcast, 30-year veteran PI, Scott Fulmer shares real life advice, tips and stories.

Hell and Gone – This podcast follows PI and author Catherine Townsend as she investigates unsolved deaths in small towns across Arkansas.

One Tough Podcast with Bo Dietl – Well-known NYPD detective and private investigator, Bo Dietl, gives his take on true crime and stories from New York.

PI’s Declassified! – In this podcast, private investigators discuss their real-life cases and all the drama surrounding those cases.

PI Advice Podcast – This podcast is geared toward private investigators and those who want to become PIs with helpful advice in this highly-rated series.

Digital Detectives – All things from the in-the-trenches digital investigation world are covered in this podcast, including practical tips you can use to protect yourself and your digital identity.

GIMG.tv: PI Insight – This podcast prides itself on being a “single sources for answers” on everything PI-related.

Unfound – Focused on helping find missing persons, this podcast interviews family, friends and acquaintances in the hopes of finding the missing.

Ask the Investigator – This podcast is a place to ask all of your burning questions on private investigations–and to find out when you are in over your head and need a professional to step in.

Podcasts can be a fun alternative to boring old radio while on that roadtrip or just your daily commute. In some of these podcasts, you, as the listener, can play a part in helping interpret evidence and bring your own theories to the table by participating on their Facebook and social media accounts.