“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

It might surprise you to learn that committing adultery is actually a misdemeanor criminal offense in the state of North Carolina. Yes, committing adultery is literally against the law. Proving Adultery in NC it can’t be used as grounds for divorce, if adultery factors into your divorce, it can still have an impact on your divorce, alimony case or child custody case.

Why Prove Adultery?

Why take the time and energy to prove adultery for your divorce or custody case? There are a few reasons why you would want to have this proof in hand.
1. Proof of infidelity can impact property distribution in divorce cases.
2. Proof of adultery can impact the court’s decisions about alimony and amount of alimony.
3. Proof of adultery can allow the victim (the spouse who was cheated on) to file a claim of “alienation of affection” or “criminal conversation” against the third party the offending spouse had an affair with.
4. Adultery can be used as evidence in determining a parent’s fitness for custody or visitation.

What Evidence is Needed to Prove Adultery?

To legally prove adultery, there are certain forms of evidence the court deems admissible. Here is the evidence you need to prove adultery in NC:
1. Photos or video of the cheating spouse with the third party in public such as dining out, on vacation, at a hotel or even going into the third party’s home.
2. Compromising photo or video of the cheating spouse with the third party. This would include public displays of affection that would be typical of a romantic couple.
3. Images or receipts for gifts the cheating spouse purchased for the third party.
4. Social media evidence of the adulterous relationship including posts, photos and video of the spouse stating affection for the third party.
5. Cell phone evidence obtained through the court discovery process including emails, texts, messages, photos and other proof of adultery.

Why Hire a PI to Prove Adultery?

PIs understand the laws and how to gather evidence so that it is admissible in court. Trying to obtain this evidence yourself could get it thrown out of court if not collected in accordance with the laws and could even land you in legal hot water yourself. A PI can also testify in court about the evidence collected and therefore becomes a witness in your corner.

If you suspect adultery or infidelity is happening in your marriage, call Bulldog PI. We’re here for you when you need to know. We’ll help uncover the truth you deserve and collect the necessary evidence to prove it.