“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

If you are suspicious of your partner’s online activities enough to wonder if they might be cheating, chances are likely that your suspicions are correct. The ever-connected nature of the internet and social media have changed the definition of what does and doesn’t constitute cheating for many people. Ultimately, if you feel like sexually-charged interaction online is cheating, then it is. Here are some signs to watch for if you think your partner might be cheating online.

1, They seem unusually attached to their phone and unable to put off answering texts and messages. This is an even bigger sign when your own texts to them go unanswered for long periods.

2. They spend more time on the computer, cell phone or tablet than they do paying attention to you and engaging with you in a quality way.

3. They are secretive about their phone/tablet, email and social media. Refusing to let you use or see their phone or tablet, often using trust as a defense. Also closing or switching windows or apps suddenly or even logging off or turning off devices when you are within viewing range.

4. Their treatment or general behavior toward you changes either being excessively sweet or unjustifiably mean and defensive. Both of these behavioral changes are signs of guilt.

5. You discover secret email accounts, secret social media accounts or profiles.

Many times, sexual or emotional distance is enough to suspect that your partner may be cheating. However, more and more cheaters are choosing virtual or online options for their cheating behaviors. The illusion of privacy on the internet and social media can give cheaters the false impression that they can avoid being caught in an online-only affair more than they can in a physical affair. In reality, online infidelity and physical infidelity can be equally hurtful and damaging to a relationship. Looking for these signs can help you determine if your partner might be an online cheater.  Need help?  You might need a private investigator…Bulldog PI can help.