“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s scary to think that we may one day find ourselves in a situation where we need to defend ourselves from an attacker. Unfortunately, violence and crime can happen anywhere at any time. Knowing how to defend yourself is important and can give you the confidence to feel safe and secure. While there are countless self-defense techniques out there, learning a few basic moves that anyone can do, can go a long way in helping you protect yourself. Here, we’ll go over some of the simple self-defense moves that everyone should know, with instructions on how to properly execute them.

1. Palm Heel Strike

This move involves using the heel of your palm to strike your attacker’s nose or under the chin. Start by making a fist with your hand, then extend your fingers out and keep them together. Use your other hand to pull your attacker closer to you, and while keeping your arm straight, thrust your palm towards their nose or under the chin. Remember to use your entire body to generate the force behind the strike.

2. Throat Strike

This move involves hitting the attacker’s throat with the base of your hand. Stand facing the attacker, lift your hand and extend your fingers straight up, keeping them together. Swing your hand down in a chopping motion, hitting the attacker’s throat with the base of your hand. This move looks sort of like you would imagine a karate chop to look.

3. Headbutt

When grabbed from behind, bend forward to bring your attacker forward then snap your head back forcefully to hit them in the face with the back of your head. You can also use your forehead and top of your head to strike an attacker when grabbed from the front. If you can use another move, try that first. A forward headbutt can cause damage to your face, nose and eyes.

4. Gouge Attacker’s Eyes

This move involves using your thumbs to gouge your attacker’s eyes. Your thumbs are stronger than most of your other fingers so it’s best to use your thumbs for this move. Grab your attacker’s face with your hands with thumbs positioned over the eyes and then thrust thumbs into their eyes, pushing as hard as you can and using the rest of your hand as leverage.

5. Elbow Strike

his move involves striking your attacker with your elbow. Bring your elbow up, with your hand open and palm facing down. Strike your attacker with your elbow, keeping your arm straight. Aim for vulnerable areas such as the face, eyes, throat and groin.

6. Front Groin Kick

This move involves kicking the attacker in their groin. Raise your knee, then snap your foot out, hitting your attacker’s groin with the top of your foot. Maintain your balance and quickly move out of harm’s way. Do NOT kick high as your attacker could grab your leg or foot and use it as leverage to bring you down.

7. Knee Strike

This move involves striking the attacker with your knee. Get close enough to your attacker, and with your hands on their shoulders or neck, pull them down towards your knee. Strike them in their stomach, gut, groin or chest with your knee.

8. Twist with Groin Strike

If grabbed from behind by an attacker, twist around in their arms to face them or at least face sideways instead of forward and then drop down quickly. As you drop down, strike them as hard as you can in the groin with your arm, elbow or hand in a chopping motion.

Learning these self-defense moves can give you the confidence to handle unexpected situations. Consider taking a self-defense class, both to practice these moves and learn additional moves. Also, follow the Top 10 Personal Safety Tips to Protect Yourself On The Go. Bulldog PI cares about your safety and wellbeing. Practice these basic moves and be prepared to use them if you ever find yourself facing an attacker.