“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

When it comes to cheating, the signs can be different between men and women. While some signs might overlap, such as being more secretive or spending more time away from home, other signs differ between husbands and wives. Here are the top signs of a cheating husband.

1. New hobbies –

Your husband suddenly has new hobbies, especially hobbies that are outside the home. This can be a sign of cheating. Let’s say he suddenly decides to take up golf despite never being interested in it before. This would give him several hours away from home and money spent on green fees… or so he says.

2. Staying out late and being unreachable –

Even if his work schedule were to change or if he were needed to work extended hours, he should still be reachable. Though staying out late is also a sign of cheating, being unreachable during that time makes it an even stronger clue.

3. Unexplained expenses –

Like many of these signs, it is usually a sudden change in behavior in terms of unexplained expenses. Cash withdrawals are just as suspicious as credit card or debit card charges. Many men will pull out cash to fund their cheating like dinners out, hotel rooms and rental cars to meet or spend time with the other woman.

4. Loss of sexual interest –

The old adage goes that if he’s not getting it at home, he’s getting it somewhere else. A loss of sexual interest is a big red flag that your husband is likely cheating.

5. Changes in style, grooming and appearance –

He gets a new gym membership, new clothes, changes his style and appearance or starts grooming more attentively than he has in the past. All are indications of cheating.

6. Avoids spending time with you –

He starts being avoidant when it comes to spending time with you, whether that’s cuddling up and watching a movie or other day to day togetherness.

7. Changing his passwords or social media access –

Changing the password to his phone, email, social media accounts or other electronics you previously had open access to. Another clue is if he changes your access or ability to see his social media by unfriending you or making accounts private and excluding you so you can’t see who he is in contact with or what he’s posting on social media.

8. Avoids eye contact –

Eye contact is a form of intimacy and a strong one. If he suddenly starts avoiding eye contact during conversations and in general, it’s a sign he might be cheating.

9. Projects problems onto you and avoids answering questions –

A cheating husband is a defensive husband. If your husband suddenly seems to be always on the defensive and projecting problems onto you or avoiding answering direct questions, there’s a high probability he could be cheating. This probability is increased if you notice several other items on this list as well.

While any one of these signs of a cheating husband on its own could be totally innocent, when you notice multiple items on this list are happening, the probability of cheating goes up exponentially. If you believe your husband might be cheating, Bulldog PI can help. We’re here to get you the answers and the truth you deserve.