“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The signs of cheating can be subtle and usually involve a pattern or group of behaviors that, when taken together, indicate infidelity. Those signs can and often do differ between men and women. The signs for a husband cheating can be different than the signs that the wife is cheating. Let’s review the signs of a cheating wife.

1. Spending more time out or with friends –

This is especially true if the change is sudden. Spending more time away from the husband and the home, when combined with other signs on this list, can be an indicator for infidelity.

2. Avoiding intimacy and sex –

Perhaps one of the biggest signs is sudden avoidance of intimacy or sex. While the sex life of a married couple naturally fluctuates over time, avoid sex and intimacy without a clear reason could be a sign of cheating. It’s important to look for other signs on this list though as hormonal issues can also cause women to avoid sex. So, taken alone, this isn’t a definite sign but rather when several of these signs are present, it could indicate cheating.

3. Picking fights –

Picking fights is a sign of infidelity, particularly if this is a new behavior. If the wife previously did not pick fights or was even avoidant of conflict and has suddenly begin picking fights, it’s time to look a little deeper at the motives for that behavior.

4. Receiving gifts –

If your wife begins receiving gifts that cannot easily be explained, it’s a sign she might be having an affair. Flowers, jewelry and sentimental gifts are particularly suspicious, especially if she won’t share details about the gifts and who gave them.

5. Emotionally distant and secretive –

This sign is true of both men and women. Becoming emotionally distant and secretive can be a sign of infidelity, especially if this behavior is new or seems sudden. Being secretive can include hiding her phone or being unusually protective about emails.

6. Doesn’t answer the phone when she always has it –

If your wife is one of those people who is always on their phone or always has it and goes long periods without answering you or won’t call you anymore when she used to, this is a sign of infidelity.

7. More time spent on appearance –

This sign is one that, on its own, doesn’t necessarily mean she’s cheating. However, when combined with other signs on this list, more time spent on appearance can be a sign of cheating.

8. Work schedule changes –

Work schedule changes can be a sign of cheating, particularly if those changes involve longer hours than usual. Barring any special projects or reasonable rationale for the work schedule changes, this can be a sign of cheating.

The signs of a cheating wife can be subtle. Any one individual sign might be completely innocent or have a rational explanation. However, when several of these signs occur at the same time, cheating becomes a more likely scenario. Could your wife be cheating? Call Bulldog PI and we’ll help you get the truth you deserve.