“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

In January 2018, a survey of 1,000 women found that 81% of them had been harassed, assaulted or both at some point during their lifetime. Knowing how to defend yourself during an attack can be the difference between living and dying. While we will be providing a few self defense moves in this blog, we think it is important for every woman to take a self defense class as there is much to learn and blogs only offer a limited space. Also, consider looking into self defense tools such as pepper spray, personal safety alarms, striking batons and tasers, if these items are legal where you live. It’s important that if you have these items that you know how to use them as well. In the meantime, master these moves and add them to your self defense arsenal.

Top 4 Self Defense Moves Women Should Know

1. Keys Hammer Strike – Gather keys into your fist with all of the ends sticking out from the pinky side of your hand. Use your hand with the keys in a hammering motion to strike your attacker until you can break free and get away. Aim for the eyes, nose and throat as much as possible. If your keys are on a lanyard, you can also swing your keys at your attacker. Just be sure to keep momentum to avoid them catching the keys and yanking them away from you.

2. Palm Heel Strike – When you don’t have keys or another object for defense, you can use the heel of your palm. Open your hand with your fingers tilted back and the heel of your palm facing forward. Forcibly strike with your palm heel, again aiming for the nose and throat. Envision your goal is to break their nose with your hand.

3. Groin Kick – Make sure you use your stronger, dominant leg for kicking when you perform this move. Balance and lean slightly back on your non-kicking leg to gain leverage and kick your attacker in the groin as hard as possible. If you are too close for a kick, use your knee to strike them in the groin.

4. Escape Side Headlock – If your attacker tries to grab you in a side headlock, you must do whatever you can to avoid being choked. Use your farthest arm to strike him in the groin with the heel of your palm or your fist and continue striking him until he loosens his grip, then turn your head and slip out of the headlock. Move behind your attacker and kick him in the back of the knees as hard as you can to take him down, giving you time to get away.


What to Do After an Attack

If you have been attacked and have gotten away, run to a well-lit area where there are other people and ask for help. Go into a crowded business such as a coffee shop to ask for help or another type of business. Do whatever you can to avoid being alone and vulnerable for a re-attempted attack. You can also go to a well-lit peopled area and call 911. Just make sure there are enough people around to deter your attacker from striking again. Do these same things if you feel you are being followed by an attacker. Never walk into a closed space and don’t lead them to your house by rushing home.

Personal safety is an important issue in the world we live in. Investing in self defense tools and taking a self defense class can significantly improve your chances of fending off an attacker. In the meantime, practice these 4 moves and be ready to execute them if needed to protect yourself.