“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Can your significant other’s job predict whether they’re likely to cheat? Possibly. Professions with a high number of cheaters tend to share certain characteristics that increase opportunity and potential for cheating. Professions that are high pressure or high adrenaline, have highly variable or irregular work hours, spend a lot of time alone and professions where co-workers tend to bond and form close-knit groups over shared work experiences are all candidates for high infidelity rates. Here are the top 8 to be aware of:

1. Real Estate Agents – Long hours, lots of time spent alone with clients, hours of touring empty houses and building a high degree of familiarity with clients to know them well enough to be successful in finding them a home are all elements of this job description that can open the door for infidelity.

2. Pilots and Flight Attendants – Constant travel, lots of time away from home and significant other, irregular hours and staying in different hotels often all assist cheaters in the airline industry.

3. Bartenders – Late nights, the stress of busy crowds, alcohol and the nature of job to be charismatic to get good tips create a slippery slope for being unfaithful.

4. Police Officers – Possibly one of the most high-pressure professions on our list, law enforcement can prone to cheating. Long hours, shifting schedules and sometimes witnessing or experiencing some of the most difficult and traumatic life-and-death situations can make it more likely for members of this profession to seek comfort with those who have shared those experiences – instead of their significant other.

5. Nurses and Doctors – Nurses and doctors, particularly in trauma or hospital settings, deal with many of the same job situations as police officers. Long shifts, highly variable work schedules and the toll of dealing with illness and death on a routine basis can create strong bonds with co-workers that make infidelity more likely.

6. Financial Brokers/Investors – The high-stakes financial sector tends to attract individuals with more power-fueled and ego-centric personalities. Add money to the mix and you have a recipe for a sense of invincibility and entitlement that makes cheating all too common.

7. Actor/Model – Steamy photoshoots or sexy love scenes create feelings that can be hard to resist. Take into account the money, ego and focus on physical attributes and it’s easy to see why entertainers are caught cheating so frequently.

8. Massage Therapists – Nakedness, vulnerability, time alone with clients and the highly physical nature of massage combine all the right elements for infidelity.

Of course, all cheaters don’t work in one of these professions and not every person who works in one of these occupations is guaranteed to cheat. Much depends on the individual, however, the working conditions common to these professions create space and opportunity for infidelity. If you suspect your partner of being unfaithful, Bulldog PI can help you find the truth.