“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

What are the top cities for cheaters and might you live in one? What might cause a city to end up on this list? While the city itself might not be to blame, there can be other factors that influence a city’s cheating rates such as the demographics of the city, the common types of jobs in the city and common lifestyle for the area. Let’s take a look at some of the top cities for cheaters.

New York City, NY – As the largest city in the U.S., NYC’s entry on this list should come as no surprise.

Chicago, IL – As the third-largest city in the U.S., Chicago has all of the great things NYC has to offer such as art, museums, nightlife… and not so great things like cheating.

Columbus, OH – A surprising entry on the list is the capital of Ohio. Columbus also appears on the list of the drunkest cities in the U.S., which might have some correlation. After all, drinking impairs judgement and impaired judgement can lead to cheating.

Charlotte, NC – A little closer to home, Charlotte, NC appears on the list despite being one of only nine states where you can actually sue your spouse for cheating and ruining the marriage.

Los Angeles, CA – With all the glitz and glam of Hollywood, Los Angeles should come as no surprise. What is surprising are the other California cities that are also on the cheating list: San Diego, San Francisco and San Jose.

Dallas, TX – Texas is another state with multiple entries on the top cities for cheaters list. Joining Dallas on the list are Austin and Houston.

Denver, CO – Denver takes the number 2 spot in the list of top cities for cheaters. Maybe it’s that crisp mountain air, the high altitude, the active lifestyle or the high number of Ashley Madison users that make Denver a hot spot for cheaters.

Seattle, WA – The city that takes the top spot on the list is Seattle, WA. Aside from having the highest number of Ashley Madison users per capita, this city was a surprise. The city that brought us Starbucks ultimately clocks in as the top city for cheaters.

Did any of the cities on the list surprise you? Do you or have you lived in one of these cities? If you think your spouse or partner is being unfaithful, Bulldog PI can help you get the answers you deserve.   After all, Myrtle Beach has its share of cheaters, too.