“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Is your partner cheating? The clues might just be technology-based. Secret phones, secret accounts and other tech secrets could hold the key to finding out if your partner is a cheater. Here are the top tech clues of a cheating partner.

1. Locking their phone – While everyone has a right to privacy, it’s also normal to be open with your partner about your phone. Partners who are protective of their phone, won’t share passwords or frequently change passwords might have content they don’t want you to see. Another phone red flag is a personal privacy screen that makes the phone’s screen visible only to the person right in front of it. Blocking your view and being secret about the phone and its contents is a big tech clue for cheating.

2. A second phone or SIM card – While a SIM card is less likely, if you find one laying around, it might be worth plugging into a phone to check it out. What’s more likely is a second phone for work or emergencies. Cheaters often use a second phone to conduct their activities to avoid raising suspicions or accidently sending the wrong thing to the wrong person. This is especially true if the partner is secretive and guarded about the second phone.

3. Auto-fill terms or sites that indicate cheating – Most cheaters are savvy enough to clear browsers and try to cover their tracks. However, Google and other search engines will store your search terms to make it easier for you to find that information again. Start by typing a single letter into the search bar and see what comes up in the auto-fill. If you find sites like Ashley Madison or Adult Friend Finder, you likely have a cheater on your hands. Test each individual letter to get a good picture of what sites your partner has been visiting online.

4. Using cloud services – Everyone is familiar with the mainstream cloud services like Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive but did you know there are other cloud services cheaters can use to share photos, videos and documents? A couple of examples include Vault and Hide It Pro. Both require a PIN to access the contents of the cloud service drive. If you discover your partner is using one of these secret or protected cloud services, it can be another tech clue of a cheating partner.

Not all clues of infidelity are physical like strange perfume or lipstick on the collar. Often times, clues can be hidden in the technology we use every day. These top tech clues of a cheating partner can help you figure out if your partner might be having an affair. When you need to know, you need Bulldog PI. We help you get the truth you deserve.