“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

It’s no secret there is a major drug crisis, particularly involving opioids, in the U.S. Drug use by even one employee in the workplace can significantly increase frequency and severity of workplace accidents, and thus increase risk for business owners. Business owners and managers might also have concerns that the drug issues in the workplace extend beyond a single employee. Drug trafficking among employees within a single workplace is a growing problem. Let’s look at some signs of drug problems in the workplace and how hiring a private investigator can help.

Signs of Drugs in the Workplace: Individual
Whether it is one employee or several, drug use in the workplace or coming to work under the influence of drugs is a serious issue for any business. If you suspect you have an employee or a couple who might be either using at work or arriving under the influence, here are a few signs to look for:

Signs of Drugs in the Workplace: Trafficking Among Employees
If you notice multiple employees displaying the above signs of drug use, it could be possible you have a more serious problem in the form of trafficking among employees. While this is not a guarantee, having multiple employees suspected of drug use during or before work is a risk factor for trafficking within the workplace. Here are a few other signs to look for among a group of employees:

How a Private Investigator Can Help
Drugs in the workplace can be difficult to prove, particularly if there are multiple employees and possible trafficking involved. A private investigator can help gather appropriate evidence in accordance with the law and even go undercover within your business to get the truth. Here are a few things private investigators can do to help you find the truth about drugs in your workplace:

Drugs in the workplace are a serious risk for any business owner. Enlisting the services of a private investigator can help uncover drug issues with individual employees or larger problems involving multiple employees and drug trafficking in the workplace. A private investigator can also gather evidence needed in a way that is admissible in court should any legal proceedings occur.