“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

We all know that physical cheating is wrong, but what about emotional cheating? It’s often a harder concept to define, yet it can be just as damaging. Emotional cheating is defined as the act of forming an intimate bond with someone other than your partner. It can be hard to recognize signs of emotional cheating, but it’s important to be aware and catch it before it becomes a bigger problem. Let’s take a look at some of the signs and why emotional cheating happens.

Signs of Emotional Cheating

Here are the top giveaways or signs of emotional cheating:

Breaking Trust/Lying –

One of the biggest red flags is when your partner starts lying consistently or breaks trust in ways they wouldn’t have before. If you find yourself constantly questioning or doubting your partner’s word, it could be a sign that something else is going on beneath the surface.

Withholding their feelings from their partner –

If your partner used to share everything with you but now they are holding back their feelings, this could also be a sign that something isn’t right. When we form emotional bonds with others, we tend to open up more and tell them things we wouldn’t tell our partners.

Distancing themselves from their partner –

If your partner suddenly begins distancing themselves from you by avoiding spending time together or avoiding intimacy, this could point to an issue within the relationship or outside influences.

Keeping secrets about who they are texting or spending time with –

Another giveaway that something isn’t quite right is when your partner keeps secrets about who they are messaging or spending time with.

Moodier than usual and avoid discussing the relationship –

Often when people emotionally cheat they become more irritable and distant in general, especially when it comes to talking about how their relationship is doing because they don’t want to feel guilty for their connection with someone else.

Talk about the “other person” excessively –

Lastly, if your partner seems overly interested in someone else’s activities and talks extensively about them without provocation from you could mean there may be an underlying connection between them which goes beyond casual conversation topics.

Why Emotional Cheating Happens

Knowing what to look for is only part of the equation. It’s important to understand the why behind the cheating behavior. There are several reasons why people emotionally cheat on their partners, including:

No matter why the emotional cheating is going on, it can be just as damaging as physical cheating. You deserve to know the truth. We are experts in infidelity investigations in Myrtle Beach, Greenville, Spartanburg and surrounding areas in South Carolina. When you need to know, call Bulldog PI.