“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Infidelity or cheating is the act of being unfaithful to a committed partner in some way such as sexually or emotionally. Each case of infidelity is different and meets a different need for the cheater. What behaviors constitute cheating can vary from couple to couple and person to person. What are the different types of infidelity or cheating? Let’s take a look.

Romantic Cheating

This type of infidelity happens when the person feels little to no emotional attachment to their partner. They seek out romantic and emotional connection with others to fulfill that need. Even though the person is seeking emotional connection with someone else, they rarely leave their original partner for the person they cheat with.

Opportunistic Cheating

Although the person in this scenario loves and has emotional attachment to their partner, the opportunity to cheat is too difficult to resist. This type of cheating is typically not premeditated but rather the cheater taking advantage of an opportunity to cheat that they didn’t anticipate. This type of infidelity is almost entirely situational.

Commemorative Cheating

In this type of infidelity, the person has a complete and total lack of love, emotional attachment or commitment to their romantic partner. They intentionally look for and seek out what they feel they are lacking in their current relationship with the goal of being unfaithful. The cheater in these cases often uses unfulfilled sexual desires as a rationale for their behavior.

Obligatory Cheating

The cheater in this situation has a strong need for approval. They fear that resisting the sexual advances of another will result in rejection, so they commit infidelity to gain approval. This person often loves and has commitment to their partner but their need for approval is so strong that they cheat to gain that approval.

Conflicted Romantic Cheating

This type of infidelity happens when a person has love and genuine romantic feelings and sexual desire for more than one person at a time. It is the age-old scenario of being in love with more than one person.

When your partner is unfaithful, you might wonder why. Understanding the different types of infidelity and what drives them is one step in figuring out that puzzle. Not sure if your partner is being unfaithful? Call Bulldog PI and get the truth you deserve.