“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Background checks can be super detailed about your life and history, or they can just scratch the surface. Background checks can be required for certain jobs especially teachers, coaches, anyone who works with children, financial jobs, security clearance, court proceedings, custody battles and more. So what can be included in a background check? More than you think!

What Can be Included in a Background Check?

When you give your permission for a background check, it’s important to ask what exactly will be investigated about you. Here are just some of the things that can be included in a background check:

Did you know a background check can include all of that? Not every background check will include all of these searches and reviews so it’s important to understand what is included in any background check you consent to. In some cases, you might not be able to control to whether a background check is run or what is included, for example, in court cases you typically cannot control what the courts look up about you. If you have questions about background checks and what can be included, we have answers!