“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

If you suspect your partner is cheating, how should you handle that? Smashing all of their belongings might feel good at the time but property destruction doesn’t have good consequences. Here’s what to do instead, before you overreact.

1. If there is any doubt, consider hiring a PI. If you have a suspicion but no proof, you could be concerned for no reason. Consider hiring a PI to get the truth you deserve.

2. Make a list. If cheating is confirmed or you have proof, make a list of pros and cons that investigate whether the relationship is worth fixing. This, of course, assumes the cheating partner is remorseful and wants to repair the relationship.

3. Look for red flags. Examine your list and look for red flags of unhealthy behavior or views. This could be a sign that a relationship counselor would be needed. You don’t want to remain in a relationship if your reasons for doing so are unhealthy.

4. Rally your support system. Whether or not you ultimately decide to stay and work on the relationship, you’re going to need your support system. Let them know you are struggling and especially let them know how they can best support you. Your support system should include people who are honest with you and trustworthy with your emotions.

5. Write down the questions and feelings that you need your partner to address. Get it out onto the paper and then organize your thoughts before you have a discussion with your partner about their infidelity.

6. Have the conversation about the infidelity in a safe, neutral location. Some people can become enraged when their cheating behavior is discovered so always plan this discussion with your safety in mind. This can also be an intense discussion so being in a safe, neutral location can help keep the tension levels manageable.

7. Expect anything. Your partner might or might not want to repair the relationship. Prepare yourself for either scenario. Also be prepared to end the relationship if your partner acts abusively, is unremorseful or is unwilling to stop cheating.

There are many articles on what signs to watch for that might indicate a partner might be cheating. Very few go into what to do if they are or if you need to have the difficult conversation to discover if there is infidelity going on. We hope this list helps you remain calm and strong during such an emotional situation. If you need help finding the truth, don’t hesitate to call Bulldog PI for the facts you deserve.