“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Many different types of people hire PIs for a variety of reasons. A business owner might hire a PI to run background checks on potential employees before hiring them. A law firm might hire a PI to help gather evidence and background materials for a case. A private citizen might hire a PI to find out if their spouse is cheating. Those are just some of the things people hire PIs for. Let’s take a deeper look.


Background Checks

Business owners, law firms and private citizens are all people who might hire a PI to do a background check on a person or several people. This is a way of vetting potential business partners, potential employees, clients and romantic partners.


Finding People

PIs are great at finding people. Just a few of the cases where a PI might be hired to find someone include adoptees looking for relatives, long lost friends or partners, a loved one who has gone missing, someone who has missed a court date and/or skipped bail and someone wanted for questioning in connection to a legal case.



Surveillance can be used in a few ways. A PI might be tasked with watching the activities in a place of business to verify issues with theft or wrongdoing. A PI might be tasked with tracking the movements and activities of a romantic partner who might be unfaithful. A PI might follow people who are known associates of a parent in a custody case to determine if they pose a threat to the child. A mystery shop might also be considered a form of surveillance as the PI is evaluating the service and performance of employees in a place of business.


Workers’ Compensation Claims

PIs might be hired to investigate someone receiving workers’ compensation with suspicious circumstances. Workers’ compensation fraud is a big problem for businesses so having a recipient investigated to make sure they really are injured is not uncommon.


Security Consultation

A PI might be hired to do an assessment of the security of a home or business to identify weaknesses in security that need to be remedied. They might also do a bug sweep to check for hidden transmission devices in some cases where the client suspects their privacy has been compromised.


Law Enforcement

Occasionally, PIs are hired by law enforcement to assist with missing persons cases or with cold cases and unsolved crimes. This typically happens when the available detectives to handle such cases are overwhelmed and need assistance.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why someone might hire a PI. PIs can be an asset in a number of situations to a number of different types of people. If you have a situation that needs investigating, call Bulldog PI to get the answers you deserve.