“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

If you’re working with a lawyer on a case, you might be interested to know they often hire private investigators to help them with specific cases. These types of cases often require legwork or digging for information and other activities the lawyer isn’t trained for or doesn’t have time to do themselves. Here are some reasons why lawyers hire private investigators.

1. Find People – There might be a number of reasons why a person needs to be found for a case. They could be a witness or an heir or the lawyer might need to have papers served to them. A PI can help locate a person using a variety of methods so the lawyer can interview, investigate, notify them or serve them paperwork.

2. Find Assets – Rather than finding people, a lawyer might need a PI to locate assets instead. Typically, we see this in cases involving a spouse or business partner where the other party might hide assets to avoid giving the other person their fair share. Some examples of these assets could be vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, real estate, bank accounts, offshore bank accounts and assets or other valuables and assets.

3. Investigate the Other Party – In some cases, the lawyer might need the PI to investigate the other party in a court case. This investigation could include background checks, risk assessment, social media investigations and electronic investigations.

4. Recover Electronic Evidence – Nearly all of our data and dealings are recorded somewhere by technology these days. So much data is recorded in electronic format that a lawyer might hire a PI specifically to recover deleted or hidden data in the form of emails, texts, audio files, videos, photographs, documents and more that is pertinent to the case.

5. Investigate a Claim – Claims such as insurance injury claims and workman’s compensation claims might be investigated by a PI. The PI might use surveillance, analysis of evidence, documents, witness interviews and more to determine if a claim is legitimate or if there is fraud.

Lawyers hire PIs for all kinds of reasons. This list is a short sampling of major reasons why lawyers hire private investigators. PIs can find people, evidence, assets, and information that could be crucial to a case. If you have a case that needs a PI’s help, call Bulldog PI today and get the truth.