“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Do you suspect your significant other of cheating? Are you looking for proof and not how to find it? First, it’s important to know that many of the activities you might try to engage in to catch a cheater could land you in legal hot water. Following them, putting a tracking device on their vehicle, recording their phone calls and other activities could be illegal in your state. The last thing you want is the cheater to get the upper hand because you crossed a legal line to catch them. Let’s review the do’s and don’ts of catching a cheater.

Catching a Cheater Do’s

Here are the things you can do to catch a cheater:

1. DO look for signs –

micro-cheating behaviors, hiding their phone, checking out other people, change of intimacy in your relationship and refusing to talk about problems could all be signs. To learn more signs to look for check out signs of a cheating wife and signs of a cheating husband.

2. DO call a PI –

A PI can legally do things that you cannot such as following them, videotaping them and investigating them in ways that would land you in hot water. A PI also knows the best ways to obtain information to get you the proof you need.

3. DO check the car’s GPS system –

Note: You can only do this legally if the vehicle is in both of your names AND you are legally married. Checking the car’s GPS system can show you addresses that your spouse has searched, including hotels and fancy restaurants.

4. DO check pockets –

Check jacket and pants pockets for items hanging in your closet or in your dirty clothes hamper. Look for condom wrappers, receipts, phone numbers and other evidence of cheating.

5. DO review your joint credit card statement –

Again, this is only legal if both your names are on the credit account. Look for charges that don’t make sense or could indicate cheating such as hotels, restaurants, gifts and other items that are not in the home.

Catching a Cheater Don’ts

There are a number of things you should NOT do if you are trying to catch a cheater, either because those actions can escalate a volatile situation or because they are illegal in most states. Here are the things you should not to do catch a cheater:

1. DON’T accuse them of cheating –

This is for several reasons. First, you’ll clue them in that you suspect them of cheating, and they’ll be more likely to shift behaviors to avoid being caught. Second, this can escalate an already volatile situation and put them on the defensive or cause them to react violently.

2. DON’T follow them –

Firstly, this activity can be unsafe in several ways. You can be so focused on following them that you can cause an accident with another motorist. You can follow them into an area that is unsafe. You might drive in unsafe ways to avoid losing track of them. Secondly, in most states following someone in this manner is illegal – even if you are married. Always trust a PI with any surveillance activities to avoid breaking the law or being unsafe.

3. DON’T buy spy products –

This can also clue your partner in that you suspect them of cheating, causing them to shift behaviors to avoid being caught. Also, many of these spy products might be illegal to use. For example, planting a recorder in the vehicle to catch your spouse talking on the phone without their knowledge is illegal in many states. In most states, at least one member of the conversation must know they are being recorded. Spy shops are also loaded with overpriced equipment that you might not be able to legally use so you could spend a lot of money on items you can’t actually make use of.

When you need to get to the truth about whether your partner is cheating, call Bulldog PI. We can get you the truth you deserve and do so legally. This gives you the information you need while keeping you out of legal hot water.